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Personal Umbrella policy kicks in when the coverage limits in your homeowners or automobile insurance policy have been exhausted. Personal Umbrella insurance is the ultimate protection policy. A thorough review of your homeowners, automobile, and other property insurance policies will likely expose several gaps and exceptions in coverage. The licensed insurance agents at Insurance Helpers can help you find the protection you need to fill these gaps with a Personal Umbrella insurance policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Offers Peace of Mind with Expanded Liability Coverage

Do you have enough liability coverage to protect you from the many different liability risks everyday life can expose you to? A Personal Umbrella insurance policy gives you the peace of mind you deserve in knowing you have protection for the unknown. If your homeowners, automobile, or other property insurance policies don’t provide adequate liability protection, a Personal Umbrella insurance policy can protect you from:

• Being directly responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs
• Losing your home, savings, assets, and future earnings

Here are a few ways a Personal Umbrella insurance policy can offer you better liability protection:

Excess Coverage Limits Coverage

We never expect to find ourselves facing a serious liability lawsuit, but it can happen. And while your other property insurance policies may include some liability protection, the coverage limits in these policies usually don’t provide adequate protection for serious accidents and lawsuits. Consider the following scenarios:

• Serious Automobile Accidents: You cause an accident that severely injures or kills someone else
• Compounding Accidents: A large tree in your yard falls and damages your neighbors home, automobile, and results in personal injury

In each of these scenarios, the costs of damages and legal awards you can be found liable for can quickly surpass the coverage limits of your homeowners, automobile, or other property insurance policies. A Personal Umbrella insurance policy will pick up where those coverage limits end and protect you from having to pay the excess costs directly out-of-pocket.

Expanded Risk Coverage

There are many situations your homeowners, automobile, and other insurance policies may not offer coverage for at all. These other property insurance policies typically offer coverage only when injuries or damages result from a specific peril such as fire, wind, or theft. But what happens if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

• Bizarre Accidents: Your son throws a baseball that goes through your neighbors window and breaks a rare antique collectible vase
• Dog bites: Your dog gets out of your backyard and bites a neighbor who is jogging down the street
• Libel & Slander: In a moment of anger you make a false claim about someone else online and your post unexpectedly goes viral and causes irreversible damage to their reputation

While each of the above scenarios may seem unlikely, the reality is accidents like this can and do happen every day. Most homeowners and other property insurance policies do not offer protection for injuries and damages resulting from dog bites, bizarre accidents, and libel or slander. A Personal Umbrella insurance policy can protect you from liability costs in scenarios your other insurance policies do not cover.

Legal Expense Coverage

If you find yourself facing a liability lawsuit, a Personal Umbrella insurance policy can help you pay for your legal expenses. Your legal expenses 
may include costs for your legal representation, court costs, and other fees or fines you are found liable for.

Combining Multiple Insurance Policies

Personal Umbrella insurance policies can also save you money by allowing you to combine coverages available in separate insurance policies into one. For example, if your homeowners insurance policy doesn’t offer protection for damages from floods and doesn’t offer enough personal 
property coverage to cover your expensive fine art collection, you can include both of these coverages in a Personal Umbrella policy instead of buying separate Flood Insurance and Jewelry & Collectible Insurance policies.

The licensed insurance agents at Insurance Helpers carefully review the details of your existing insurance policies to ensure you 
understand the coverage you have and help you identify the coverage you need beyond those policies. Contact us today to have one of our 
licensed agents help you find a Personal Umbrella insurance policy customized to your needs!

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